Content Update Notes / Changelog

This theme is constantly being updated to add new content, fix bugs, and overall enhancements. Read about the latest updates and hotfixes right here.

TO DO / Upcoming Changes

  • add landing page for products
    • add sticky nav when scrolling down
  • onmouseout display show video poster AND pause video
  • add search box to the menu
  • add support for MyCred or EDD or perhaps even WooCommerce
  • 1 click checkout
  • add affiliate module to encourage people to sell theme
  • improve documentation to answer common questions
  • make sure mobile viewport is perfect
  • add support for SEO plugin, probably Rank Math
    • add proper breadcrumbs
    • make sure it’s “recently updated”
  • make slider bullets better match
  • add better support for menu icons
  • (maybe) Add translation support

February 2023

January 19th 2023

  • Removed dog shit Layerslider with something better and decked out the entire slider to look fantastic.
  • Customized login page

January 14th 2023

  • On example product page, there is now a proper comparison table and triple box layout
  • Changed some wording to better match
  • Added autofocus to input search field in nav bar

January 13th 2023

  • Added style JUST for the blog post page, now it’s easier to read on large viewports.
  • Tweaked the colors for the sidebar widgets